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With a product range this easy-to-use, our happy customers are wondering how they ever slept without us. To share your personal ‘Schminkles’ success story, email us with your Decollette Pad review or your Mouth, Neck, Chest or Forehead and Eye Pad testimonials. We simple love hearing from the Schminkles sisterhood.

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Wrinkles? Wrinkles Schminkles

I woke up late this morning, face down in my pillow. Jumped out of bed to spot a big wavy line through my chin. Slapped on the lower mouth pad while I dressed, sipped my coffee and applied make-up - about 40 minutes….. and line was GONE! Love Wrinkles Schminkles!

Christine Doggett

Long gone were the days of my twenties, where I frequently had a list of forgets that included suncream, drinking more water than cocktails, and maintaining my skin routine. My skin didn't forget those days though, and I've suddenly started to think about lines that i never thought would 'happen to me'.Thank God for WS. I've been using the mouth and neck pads for months, and really don't understand how something so simple can work, but it does. While I still sometimes forget to wear them, the days that I don't remind me just how much they work, and how they really do erase the lines.Wow! Thank you.


I have always been conscious of the creases and lines on my chest. I've tried creams and other treatments that promised results but did not make any noticeable difference. Then I discovered Wrinkles Schminkles! Every night I apply the chest pad to my chest and wake up wrinkle free! I am so happy and cannot live without it. I travel a lot and never leave home without packing my chest pad. I have started wearing tops again that show off my smooth chest!This is the affordable and non invasive solution I've always looked for! 


After many years of feeling self conscious from my deep creases and lines on my chest  caused from excessive sun exposure and side sleeping, I decided to look  for a way to help with my problem. I'm so lucky I found Wrinkles Schminkles!!!!I have been using their chest smoothing kit and serum for 3 months and I'm so ecstatic with my results. My lines have disappeared and  my skin texture has improved. The silicone chest pad is easy to apply and comfortable to wear. I have just ordered another 3 kits so yes I LOVE this product!!!Thanks Wrinkles Schminkles for giving me my confidence back !! 

Kylee Praed

I'm 62 years old and have had chest wrinkles for 'a few years' due to sun damage and sleeping on my side. In more recent years, I've started wearing higher necklines, or scarves BUT then I discovered Wrinkles Schminkles!! There was an immediate improvement after just one 'overnight sleepover' and now I can see a cumulative result - no deep creases like before, and I'm comfortable wearing lower necklines again!I'm so happy with this inexpensive little chest pad and just wanted to say a BIG Thank you to Wrinkles Schminkles!!


I've always been a sun lover and my chest was starting to look very creased. I was lucky to be introduced to Wrinkles Schminkles by a friend and I have found this product to be really effective.I live in Thailand so I'm constantly in the sun. Wrinkles Schminkles has smoothed away my ageing lines and my skin feels more supple. In fact, I was so impressed I also ordered the mouth kit and I'm really excited at the results with only a few uses.The serum is next on my list to buy! I ❤️ Wrinkles Schminkles 

Michelle O'Dea

A friend gave me the Wrinkles Schminkles chest pad 6 months ago when I didn’t even realise I had an ‘issue’ with my chest! Now I can’t stop. When I look at my chest now the difference is incredible.The faint lines I had have faded to nothing, but the most amazing thing is what it’s done to the sun damage and the overall texture of my skin. I’ve just bought the eye and lip pack and can’t wait to see the results – and completely needle free! Thanks Schminkles x


I have been using the chest pad and it is true it does work. It is so nice to wake up without those deep chest wrinkles. I love the product and the serum is great to use when I don’t feel like a heavy moisturiser. It nourishes my skin just as well.

Kim Kirby

I absolutely LOVE your product!!! I have to say I was sceptical - as I have bought wrinkle free products in the past - and they have not worked. Unlike your product which totally delivers!!I have been telling everyone I know - one of my family members ordered 2 on line last night after I told her about it yesterday.Thank you so much for including the free chest heart shaped product - it is definitely more comfortable for an every day use. The decolletage product is also great though as it targets the other lines that have started to appear near my collarbones - I will definitely use it.It definitely makes a difference to my happiness when I wake up in the morning and can still wear my lower cut tops - instead of being upset and trying to wear something that covers the wrinkles up! I honestly dont know what I would do without it now! My husband and I were going to a family xmas function yesterday - and I actually panicked the night before as I knew I was wearing a strapless dress - and I couldnt find my schminkle! You have me hooked!Thanks again - and wishing you all the best with your product!! I dont think you need much luck though - as it truly delivers what it says its going to.


I have the chest smoothing kit and it's amazing. I would actually love a cat suit made in it to do the whole body, but that might be going a bit far hehehe.

Hopefully there will be something for the hands soon.


Turning 40 using Wrinkle Schminkles has made me look 30!

My first introduction was the soft Eye Soothing kit which I use twice a week, I have now moved onto the Morning after Glow Serum. After personally researching the ingredients I realised the benefits of the serum and love it so much I use it as a daily face moisturizer. The light texture makes me feel fresh all day and the best part about the product is that it lasts and lasts.

Thank you so much for this new find!


I never thought I could love a piece of silicone so much but I am a total convert for the Wrinkles Schminkles chest pad! I was waking up every morning with quite significant lines on my chest from sleeping on my side. Fortunately I complained to a friend about it and she put me onto WS. Best thing ever!! Skin on my chest is now looking like it did in my 20s (I'm 38). Phew!!

I would highly recommend this product to anyone that can't sleep on their back and wants to avoid unsightly chest wrinkles


Wow!!!! I've used the forehead pads the last two nights and I'm totally amazed. I HATED my forehead so much and was always paranoid and even had Botox which didn't help because the lines were sleep lines and getting worse and worse and worse. I can't show you a before pic as I hated it that bad that if I saw the lines in pix I deleted them or photo shopped. Anyway, I'm so so so happy.

Totally fixed my problem. Looks like my face got ironed. So happy thank you xxxxx


This product is amazing. I had heard that they are made in Australia and were supposed to good in getting rid of wrinkles on your chest from sleeping sideways or sun damage. I decided to try the chest n décolletage silicone pad so ordered the kit online. Not only was delivery prompt and the packaging so sweet (the silicone pad is in the shape of a heart), the product is amazing. In one night all chest lines gone! I tried the lip pads next and after only 4 hours the lines were diminished. I have tried lip creams for years without any success. .


Saw your product on TV a few weeks ago and decided to try it for myself. I was amazed to say the least, just one night of wearing it and the lines on my chest were hardy visible...... Just one night!

Finally a product that works and I will definitely be telling all my friends. And have just ordered some of your other products. Fantastic!


I have been using the beautiful decolletage smoothing kit and have found it amazing and I also have ordered the eye forehead and mouth kit. I have just advised my associate who will be ordering in the near future. 

Thank you for the introduction to such a gorgeous product.



I am amazed after a short time how your products work.  My experience has been with two of your products the chest & décolletage and lip kits.

The very first night after using these products produced great results.  I know I will keep using and will definitely try the other kits.


Thank you for the great products. I had kept my décolletage out of the sun only to have it aged by boobs wrinkles! You're a life saver. 


Looks like you guys are going to be rich off me because I’m going to need this product the rest of my life. Instant results! This is what I love… How simple the product is. The Medical Grade Silicone is simple and worked overnight. My face is plumper (in a good way) and I woke up without lines on my chest!


When I initially purchased the chest décolletage kit I texted my sister a photo from the website of before/after. She likened my purchase to buying 'sea monkeys', haha. I called her after the first night of wearing the chest pad to tell her that sea monkeys are real, I could not believe the difference :) I have just purchased the cleanser, glow serum and the neck kit now!


Holy Cow ! I used the neck one last night for the first time and my lines are almost gone ! Unbelievable ! I'm sold !


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