Do's and Don'ts of the Décolletage

Oct 6 2015

Top 5 do’s and don’ts of the décolletage

Are you guilty of neglecting that décolletage while you diligently care for your face? It’s often one of the first parts of the body to show signs of ageing. Follow these do’s and don’ts and treasure that chest!

1. Study your sunscreen – we’ve heard it all before, how important it is to wear sunscreen and its equally important we apply it to the chest which is in face more directly exposed to sunlight and often neglected. And beware, most common sunscreens only filter out UVB,but it’s UVA rays that will prematurely age the skin, so make sure you’re using a broad spectrum sunscreen.

2. Go below the border - Just like the face, gentle cleansing, daily hydration and regular exfoliation will help to replenish and rejuvenate the chest, and keep it looking and feeling smooth. It’s ideal to use the same quality products on your décolletage as your face but if you feel your face cream is a little too pricey, look for targeted alternatives like Wrinkles Schminkles Morning After Glow Serum (RRP $38.95) – just make sure it has an active, effective ingredient like Vitamin A.

3. Aim it away: While the scent of your favourite fragrance is the ultimate finishing touch, try to avoid spraying perfume directly onto the neck or chest. The chemicals contained in most common perfumes will dry out and sometimes irritate these areas, and worse still, the alcohol can make the area more susceptible to sun damage. Apply perfume to your wrists when you jump out of the shower, and save your delicate décolletage!

4. Love thy high-neck: While a plunging neckline is great for the evening, one of the easiest ways to protect the chest from sun damage is to cover-up during the day. Pop on a top with a higher neck if you’ll be out in the elements, and better yet, combine with a broad-brimmed hat.

5. Sleep smoothly: Sleeping on your side can also lead to wrinkles developing, as skin is creased overnight. If teaching yourself to sleep on your back seems a little too much, our Wrinkles Schminkles’ Chest Smoothing Kit (RRP $39.95) is designed to be applied to the chest and décolletage before you go to bed. The placement of the pads leaves the skin unable to crease, while the medically-proven properties of silicone (traditionally used to treat scarring) create hydration and moisture and regulate collagen production. The overnight effect is immediate, but continued use over time will also help to correct existing damage. Add to that some silk sheets, and it’ll be smooth-sailing all the night through!

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