Treating Wrinkles with Kim Kardashian

Oct 13 2014

Kim Kardashian says Schminkles to her Chest Wrinkles!

Let’s face it, celebrities seem to look good no matter where or when, and us mere mortals are left trying to keep up. We hear snippets of their secrets but we’re rarely left with the truth, or the funds to have dieticians, nanny’s, cleaners and chauffeurs on hand 24/7 to maintain the image. Kim Kardashian is no exception to this rule, but lucky for us, she’s letting us in one of her best kept secrets – wrinkle treatment!

Let’s start by giving a big kudos to Kim for being so public and open, Kim goes where no celebrity dares to go and not only admits to undergoing a range of medical and beauty treatments but she does so in front of a camera, I don’t know about the rest of the Schminkles movement but we like to do our wrinkle relieving and beauty treatments whilst we’re getting our beauty sleep, not on television!

Kim has undergone a range of treatments and hasn’t been afraid to Instagram about them. Her PRP (platelet-rich plasma) treatment also known as The Vampire Facial left us a little shocked, but more recently in February this year Kim underwent chest laser surgery to rid her chest of wrinkles. Whether you’ve been there or not, we’re certain you’ve all heard of the damage the sun, lifestyle choices and ageing can have on your skin, and it’s not just your face, your chest is also affected. What you may not know is how you sleep can also affect your chest area.

You may notice women tend to start covering up their once exhibited décolletage. Forget the face and hands and feet, one of the most revealing signs of ageing for any woman is her chest. Here at Wrinkles Schminkles, we don’t want you to shy away from wearing that Little Black Dress or amazing neckline just because of a few wrinkles (schminkles!). We want you to wear what you want and still feel confident!


Vampire Facial

Kims PRP 'After' Photo 


Kims Chest Wrinkles

Ready to rid those wrinkles!


* Did you know Sleeping on your side tends to result in waking up in the morning with a crinkled chest?

Some of us may not be as bold as Kim and want to take the next step to laser surgery. There is a range of positive and definite results, but chest Laser surgery can be expensive, and it may require repeat visits for results – and who has the time?

We think if only Kimmi K knew about the Wrinkles Schminkles Chest Smoothing Kit she could have avoided the need for the treatment in the first place! The placement of the chest silicone pads while you get your beauty sleep helps to relieve wrinkles that may have formed over night, as well as the more permanent ones. The properties of the silicone itself not only smoothes the lines on your chest but promotes the stimulation of collagen to the area. Silicone has been used for years in the medical world to treat scaring and has now been made available for you in an affordable, super effective and non-invasive way.

We don’t have Kim’s number but we’re sure she would be on board with the wrinkles schminkles movement, are you?

Remember to start each day with your skin sharing the same stunning story as your smile. After all, age is just an attitude.

Let’s say schminkles to those wrinkles!

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